Our Purpose 

LOVE GOD Jesus said the most important commandment was to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. We believe God is so wonderful that if we come to know Him, we will find ourselves almost effortlessly loving Him. So our first focus is on simply getting to know God. We do this by studying His Word, prayer and worship.
LOVE EACH OTHER In John chapter 17, Jesus prayed that the members of His body (the church) would love each other. He went as far as to say the evidence to the world of unbelievers that we are truly God’s children and that our message of the gospel is legitimate, will be determined by whether we truly love one another. This makes loving each other a top priority that’s only possible when we allow the love of God to flow through each of us to the other. It’s evidenced when we learn to live for one another (instead of for ourselves) and by being able to forgive each other as God forgives us.
LOVE THE LOST Before returning to heaven, Jesus gave a clear command that we are to share His message of salvation with the world. But He didn’t stop there. He also commanded us to teach all His teachings and commands to those who place their trust in Him. We make disciples when we study the Bible together, share God’s truth with others, attend services together and pray together. We believe every Christian should be discipled as well as making other disciples by having God-centered relationships.
We believe that everything we do as a church should line up with the three principles mentioned above. Therefore, we align our ministry, event planning and communication under the three areas of Loving God, Loving Each Other and Loving The Lost. This ministry approach is unique and effective. Interested in learning more? Send us an email via the Contact link at the top of this page.