Our Vision

To really understand why we are so unique, it is important to understand the vision of House of Grace. Our vision is to reach all of Middle Georgia with the good news that Jesus loves them and wants to save them. It doesn’t matter if you dress up or come casual. It doesn’t matter if you’re white or if you’re black, rich or poor. Jesus came for all of us.
Our vision is to be a church where people can be real and be honest with God and those around them, without fear of being judged or condemned. Our vision is to be a multi-cultural group of believers.
We are determined to break down racial barriers and denominational walls. Heaven isn’t segregated so why should the church be? Our vision is to have multiple church campuses made up of new believers, maturing believers and emerging leaders.
Our vision is to develop children, men and women into world changers by the teaching and training of Gods word. Our vision is to see people healed and delivered from physical and emotional illness.
We will also help people to experience the awesome presence of God through dynamic praise and worship. We will reach the world with the truth via live teaching, missions, conferences and the internet.
This our vision- and we will not fail- because our vision is from God himself. You are invited to be a part of this wonderful church family- will you join us in the adventure?